Preserving Maritime Heritage

The Association for Maritime Preservation is a non-profit created for learning about and preserving living history and nautical artifacts including sailing vessels, places and equipment.

Maritime history can be learned about through books and this is valuable, but even more important is the marriage of hands, minds and spirits, working together in community with environmental and historic stewardship as the utmost priority. In addition, the traditional hand crafts and skills that are part of the art and science of maritime life are given the opportunity to live within each person connected to these projects and arts.

Historic vessels and nautical artifacts are unique windows into our collective American maritime heritage. By maintaining and operating these vessels and artifacts we keep alive a culturally relevant skill set, art and way of life that was this country's lifeblood for over 200 years. They are part of a dying cultural art, which anchors an entire industry of boat building, sail making, boat carpentry, rigging, blacksmithing and maintenance. Find out how you can get involved.