Get Involved


Be a part of preserving history!

There are many ways you can make a difference and ensure the longevity of living history in her vessels and craftsmanship.  All of them matter.  We thank you.

1. Volunteer

  • Sign up for our annual Work & Learn week, currently the J. & E. Riggin is the vessel to which we have given an education and work grant. We hope other vessels will participate in a Work & Learn week in the future.
  • Make an in-kind donation of your time.  The below list are the skills that could be most helpful.
    • grant writing
    • non profit consulting
    • fundraising expertise
    • marketing and pr
    • web site work
    • office skills
    • bookkeeping skills
    • Please consider acting as a board member

2. Spread the Word

3. Make a Donation

There are numerous ways to make a tax advantaged donation to AMP